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The Host - Audience Science

The Host

Audience Science

Kinnego Records

Released: 30th October 2015 | 5 track bleep ep

Kinnego presents a selection of tape-flanged synth workouts in time for autumnal trances. Audience Science is a 23 minute set of metric arpeggios and multi-track phase cancellation experiments, mixed down in Northern Ireland during summer 2015. Evoking an escapist place outside of (browser) history, some of the track titles are borrowed from internet data trackers.

Open Air Tape Trance sets the scene with a pastoral haze of square wave melody and guitar, then rises into a saturated peak of doppler chords, before the fluctuating tape playbacks phase each other out. New Relic has a minimalist urgency, passing through several sweeps of synth decoration, before a bass guitar figure forces the various elements into coherence. DownStream is the longest and possibly the simplest of the pieces here, an extended two chord pulse arpeggio layered with Irish streams and tape artefacts. Brightcove introduces some fretless bass harmony to accompany brittle Roland arps, ending on a rarely heard SH-101 noise-to-LFO trick. Finally, Begin Again returns the listener to the pastoral world introduced by the opening track, a hazy drift of slow-motion rising chord tones.

(The Host is an alias of Barry Lynn aka Boxcutter).