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Infinity Pools - Coastal Shelf / Lawnraidaz II

Infinity Pools

Coastal Shelf / Lawnraidaz II

Kinnego Records

Released: 4th March 2016 | 2 track house single

Infinity Pools are James McConville and Kinnego boss Barry Lynn, working together on colourful, thumping analogue house music.

Coming in on some Secrets-era Herbie vibes, Coastal Shelf drifts beachward, gathering momentum with a booming kick and choppy disco guitar. A short delirious breakdown is followed by some liquid acid and tight Juno 60 chords, while the track flips through a series of analogue variations.

First heard way back in 2009, Lawnraidaz II was recently found down the back of the Kinnego tune psilo glowing a ripe colour. The sound of slow-motion disco thump meeting panic-stricken polysynth glissandos in an over-amplified spring tank, while a broken Mu-tron filter clicks and whirs in the distance.