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Lynn & McConville - Sports Day

Lynn & McConville

Sports Day

Kinnego Records

Released: 18th May 2018 | 7 track fusion ep

Barry Lynn and drummer James McConville deliver a 7-track record of multi-tracked instrumental music, drawing from progressive rock and jazz funk, but with a brevity and lightness of touch that aims it at maximum accessibility. Clocking in at 7 tracks in just over 15 minutes, it's a densely-packed listen nonetheless.
Opener Donegal evokes summer holidays in the west, before Primary 7's off-kilter funk and Pebble Dash's melodic shuffle lead to the title track, a rolling atmospheric funk track in an odd meter. Next up, Fives and Sixes grooves to resonant guitar parts whistling in the high end, before Air Loom's gritty expanded harmonies and ascending drum part reaches a gentle conclusion. Closer Grasshopper completes the record, in a haze of Hendrix impressions replete with old school tape flanging.creditsreleased April 13, 2018

All tracks written and produced by Barry Lynn and James McConville.
James McConville plays drums on all tracks, Barry Lynn plays guitar and bass guitar.

Sleeve Art by Niadzi Muzira.