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Bim Sala Bim feat The Afro Funk Express & Funky Tropical feat The Carribean Disco Funk Allstars - Bim Sala Bim/Funky Tropical
7" Vinyl
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Credit Crunch & The Administrators are made up of a group of ex Texas bankers. On this release they use their redundancy payment for a trip to the inflation busting wilds of Africa & ultilize the assistance of a Nigerian 4 piece horn section ;The Afro Funk Express for a rocking version of 'Bim Sala Bim'. Funky Tropical is a long lost outing from the Calypso 5 piece, The Bermuda Love Triangle that has up to now only previously surfaced on a private press LP. With 'Funky Tropical' the band team up with the Carribean Funk Allstars in an effort to emulate some of the success of their USA counterparts