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DJ Muro - Super Funk Breaks Lesson 5-6
CD Album
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DJ Muro

Super Funk Breaks Lesson 5-6


Released: 29th April 2013 | 10 track funk album

Two further discs of Muro's classic original Super Funk Breaks tapes, on CD here for the first time. Disc one kicks off with a classy cut-and-pasted intro before launching into Golden Era 80 and 90s hip-hop gems: JVC Force, Queen Latifah, Masta Ace, A Tribe Called Quest, OC. The second half is comprised of rap staples like Kool G Rap and The Roots alongside their original breaks - all mixed with signature finesse - most notably a frenzied, breakbeat-crazy section at the finale. Plenty of mystery tracks, too. No tracklist!