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Bonaparte - Becks Letzter Sommer (Songs & Soundtrack)
CD Album
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Becks Letzter Sommer (Songs & Soundtrack)

Peng!/Kick Media Music

Released: 24th July 2015 | 19 track soundtracks album

That's how cinema sounds like: Bonaparte writes the songs & soundtrack to Becks Last Summer
The swiss musician Tobias Jundt alias Bonaparte created a new phase of his work by writing the soundtrack for Becks Last Summer. The longplayer will be released on ../../2015 at PENG!/kick-media music from Rough Trade Distribution.
The actor Christian Ulmen celebrates his debut with Becks Last Summer with a dramatic cinematic experience with intense music. It's the work of Tobias Jundt alias Bonaparte. From the very beginning it's pretty clear: No other musician is living his fantasies with the intensity of the Berliner by choice. The combination between Ulmen-Jundt is perfect since both were working together in the same band Cashpunk in the past.
In the studios of Bonaparte, the sound landscapes are designed to create images in the head without watching the movie: a strong expressive blend of classical songwriting. Orchestral arrangements and electronic sounds showing more than once again that Tobias Jundt is a talented and intuitive composer. Artful play of words finds itself woven like a rug with a blend of classical instrumentation from rock to classic mixed with analog and digital synthesizer sounds.

You can listen the soundtrack to Becks Last Summer not only in cinemas, but also as a recording on ../../2015 at PENG!/kick-media music from Rough Trade Distribution. The longplayer is composed of ten original songs and ten instrumental tracks and also surprising conver version from the White Stripes song Seven Nation Army.

Becks Last Summer shows Tobias Jundt/Bonaparte in a new phase of his work. The recordings show him as one of the most exciting artists creating in top form. Tobias Jundt emerged from Berlin's underground club-culture in 2006 and developed into a wild rock'n'roll-trash-punk-troupe de force touring extensively around the globe performing over 500 shows and festivals.

Becks Last Summer is a Claussen+Putz Filmproduction (Uli Putz and Jakob Claussen) in Coproduction with Senator Film Produktion und ARRI Film & TV Services.