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Henk Badings - The Woman of Andros

Henk Badings

The Woman of Andros


Released: 26th May 2014 | 10 track ambient album

Archival electronics from the Kontinental label, with the second release in their inaurugal series of reissued recordings from Dutch electronic pioneer Henk Badings, with 1959's The Woman of Andros.

Die Frau von Andros [The Woman of Andros] was a ballet work based on the play of the same title (in English) by Thornton Wilder - itself based on a work by a Roman playwright in 170 BCE, in turn based on a Greek play from three centuries earlier. Entirely built from electronic sounds, Badings created the work in cooperation with choreographer Yvonne Georgi in 1959, and the premiere run apparently utilized 500 loudspeakers in a surround-sound configuration.