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Tom Dissevelt - Fantasy in Orbit

Tom Dissevelt

Fantasy in Orbit


Released: 9th June 2014 | 14 track ambient album

Archival electronics from the Kontinental label, following their series of reissued recordings from Dutch electronic pioneer Henk Badings with 'Fantasy in Orbit' - the 1963 work of another key Dutch electronic figure, Tom Dissevelt.

In 1962 Philips asked Tom Dissevelt to compose an entire LP of electronic music. This LP project (14 tracks) was originally called 'Checkpoints' and depicted a journey around the world. The tunes had titles like: Mexico, Africa, Pacific or Australia. With the success of Dick Raaijmakers 'Song of the Second Moon' in mind, Philips wanted an album that would appeal to the current popular curiosity about outer space. Upon its release in 1963 the LP was renamed to 'Fantasy In Orbit'.