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F.C. Judd - Electronic Themes & Musique Concrete

F.C. Judd

Electronic Themes & Musique Concrete


Released: 16th June 2014 | 4 track ambient ep

Archival electronics from the Kontinental label. After their string of releases focused on Dutch artists Henk Badings and Tom Dissevelt, they return here with a reissue of pioneering British composer F.C. Judd's 1963 work 'Electronic Themes & Musique Concrete', following on from the Public Information label's 2012 retrospective 'Electronics Without Tears'.

Electronic Themes & Musique Concrete features four tracks recorded by F.C. Judd and originally issued by the Castle label in 1963. Delta F and Study in Sinetones emphasise the electronics, while the reverse side pieces, Sound Object and Montage, offer variations on a Music Concrete theme.