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The Nag's Head - Luxury Slime Vortex
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The Nag's Head

Luxury Slime Vortex

Kit Records

Released: 8th June 2015 | 7 track techno album

The second release from Brighton producer Stephen Maskell, aka The Nag's Head, and the follow up to Kit's first ever tape, the astonishing broken techno of 'Live From Concrete Island'.

Maskell picks up where he left off, blending juddering beats with sensitive melodies and disorientating found sounds. Intoxicating. 'Luxury Slime Vortex' comes with beautiful risograph printed cassette inlay.

"A new tape of warped electronics, swimming pool reverb and jungle flashbacks ... Luxury Slime Vortex erupts like The Shard, all shiny and pointy and terrifying."
The 405, Blog
"Goes off like a grenade in a biscuit tin, all buckling metal and half-submerged Miami Bass chants, before eating itself in a tangle of nitrate film. Awesome stuff!"
No Fear of Pop, Blog
"Recorded with all the depth, care and attention to detail of anything you'd hear on Leaf or Ninja Tune."
Brighton Source, Magazine