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Swim Platførm - Surfaces

Swim Platførm


Kit Records

Released: 8th June 2015 | 4 track ambient ep

The debut EP from young French composer and sound artist Romeo Poirier, aka Swim Platførm. On 'Surfaces', Poirier deploys his obsession with the aquatic element in all its states.

Sleek and meditative, Porier's electroacoustic collages reveal minutely textured sounds, fusing together and expanding to charting vast indefinite oceanic spaces, undulating between the coastlines of seaside resorts and the distant, unknown depths.

In this near complete darkness, we float suspended, delivered into the infinity of our abyssal field of vision.

'Intoxicating ... Poirier's palette is vast: a swell of strings and electronics plunging fathoms deep amongst the clicks and whirrs of creatures unknown' - No Fear of Pop