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The Nag's Head - Gluud Und Scruud

The Nag's Head

Gluud Und Scruud

Kit Records

Released: 8th April 2016 | 12 track ambient techno album

In the final part of Stephen Maskell's tape trilogy, he compiles field recordings, VHS rips and earthy gloops - all stuck together with his own wistfully weird brand of techno. Taking inspiration from Sun City Girls' jagged cut ups and the disorientating arcades of Adrian Rew, 'Gluud Und Scruud' beams across like a scrapbook of bass music culture interspersed with bizarre adverts and imagined holidays. A fitting end to a project that made us start the label in the first place.

Mary-Anne Hobbes, DJ
"Eerupts like The Shard, all shiny and pointy and terrifying."
The 405, Blog
"Shivering, chewy techno."
Bleep, Website