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Drömloch - Late Style
Vinyl LP
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Late Style

Kit Records

Released: 30th September 2016 | 8 track ambient album

'Late Style' is a collection of live takes recorded directly from a Hohner church organ at the point of collapse. This circuitry of this hulking synth, long-installed at Kit HQ, has inexplicably decayed over time, rendering drum loops and melodies as raptures of white noise, squelches and bizarrely spiralling clangs. These weirdly moving digital swan-songs are clearly labelled after the presets that were triggered during recording - 'waltz', 'flutes', etc.

On the B-side, pianist Devon Loch and experimental producer Antidröm join forces, arranging recordings from the organ together with contact mic and field recordings, to create four new pieces. In music and art, late style often means an unfettered outpouring in later life. Perhaps these recordings show that circuitry and software have lives too, too. Like creatures and plants, they change over time; they decay, confront mortality, and their functions adapt.

"Shuddering atmospheres every bit as effective as Tim Hecker's painstaking epics ... captivating."
Wire, Magazine
"Gradual shifts and slow textural evolution make it quite lovely."
Beach Sloth, Blog
"A truly experimental work ... compelling."
Aural Aggravation, Blog
"Snippets and echoes of once predictable pieces, now freed from their tethers."
A Closer Listen, Blog
Twisted Soul, Blog
"Like a beat being sucked through a back hole."
Leafcutter John, DJ