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Poirier Marshall Partners - ATELIER / FERME

Poirier Marshall Partners


Kit Records

Released: 9th September 2016 | 8 track ambient techno album

'ATELIER / FERME' is the debut collaboration between buddies Object Agency and Swim Platførm, as the two combine trumpet, guitar, saxophone and an array of analogue synths on a series of sleek, heady instrumentals.

Recorded in Strasbourg, the 'ATELIER' series sees pin-sharp found sounds woven amongst cavernous clicks, pops and weirdly synthesised voices to form an addictive, technodelic bricolage. Think Domenique Dumont floating in a sensory deprivation tank, or Joe Hisaishi enjoying a fine wine tasting holiday in Alsace.

'ALTITUDE 1' is a hypnotic live jam recorded at Swim Platførm's home in Brussels, and features Devon Loch on sax. The 'FERME' sessions of side B, recorded live in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, are all brooding orchestral stabs shot through folds of analogue organ, conjured from a snow-covered cabin. Recommended for fans of To Rococo Rot and Huerco S.