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Vinyl LP
Out 6th July 2018

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Kit Records

Expected: 29th June 2018 | 7 track ambient dub album

HESITATION is the culmination of a slow-burning penpal friendship between Reckno founder Chris Catlin (aka Yaaard), and Kit Records honcho Richard Greenan (sometimes Devon Loch). Meeting in London in 2016, the pair recorded a woozy slab of improvs, using a battered organ, guitars, a saxophone and whatever else came to hand. These takes were then stitched together into a seven track LP over the following two years.

Veering from shoegaze to crystal clear electronics and fuzzed out jazz, the results pull two ways: slow and fast, meditative and exuberant. Here is a place where time bends and bubbles, drunk synthetic choirs follow an endless skywards pulse, and plaited melodies hover in warm air like motes of dust.

Recommended if you like the heart-on-sleeve whistle alongs of Tenniscoats, Zappa's foggier guitar serpents or the creeping black magic of early Sebadoh. HESITATION is a joint release between Kit Records, Reckno and videogamemusic.

"Very mellow indeed"
Tom Ravenscroft, 6Music
"A weird and ugly and wonderful minimalism"
Max Reinhardt, Late Junction
"Conversationally paced and dreamy fusions of ambient-pop, jazz, and gauzy indie jangle"
"Peaceful and hypnotic; an entirely calming atmosphere"
Tiny Mix Tapes