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Object Agency - Abaa Cove
Vinyl LP

Object Agency

Abaa Cove

Kit Records

Released: 24th August 2018 | 9 track techno album

Following his 2016 debut tape, 'A Revolution in Customer Service', Scottish producer Object Agency returns to Kit with his first LP proper, 'Abaa Cove'.

Where 'ARICS', hovered in a cloud of viola-fuelled static, 'Cove' kicks off with an alarmingly crisp KLANG. This is bell-clear, defiantly positive dance music; the sound of a data farm coolly exploring every corner of itself, laughing, lifting free of its moorings and floating into space. Recommended for fans of YMO, Craig Leon, Beatrice Dillon.

"I LOVE this!"
Nick Luscombe, Late Junction