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You're Me - Plant Cell Division
2 x 12" Vinyl

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You're Me

Plant Cell Division

Knowing Something

Expected: 16th February 2018 | 9 track leftfield/idm album

You're Me's 2016 album, Plant Cell Division, sees its reissue on vinyl for the first time on the Knowing Something label. Newly mastered and presented across two 12s, Plant Cell Division demonstrates attention and care to texture, melody, and rhythm.

The duo, consisting of Yu Su and Scott Gailey, delivers a recording warm and inviting, one that engages with the listener along multiple dimensions. With repeated listening, each piece reveals something new about itself, continually suggesting new ways to approach You're Me's imaginative and organic sound.

The 2xLP version arrives in a gatefold sleeve designed by Maggie Chok and retains the photo from the original cassette by Evan Mason.