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Synapse - Knowing Something 3
12" Vinyl
Out 28th September 2018


Knowing Something 3

Knowing Something

Released: 14th September 2018 | 2 track techno single

Coming up for breath from a deep dive into the archives, Knowing Something's third offering comes courtesy of the Synapse team. The A-side features the fast-paced, widescreen, electro-techno track Night Moves, unreleased since the late 90s.

The B-side, Untitled #4, initially arrived in 1995 on BPMF's Button EP for Abe Duque's Rancho Relaxo record label. The original, full-length, unedited version takes up the entire side of the 12, allowing the recording's waves to wash over as it builds up and crashes down throughout its twelve minute runtime