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Bambouche - Operation Snatchback
12" Vinyl
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Operation Snatchback

Kajmere Sound Rec

Released: 31st July 2006 | 4 track ep
Bambouche of the Vanguard Squad's Operation Snatchback is a 12' single of hip-hop remixes in support of the forthcoming full-length album, Spectacular Vernacular. The 12' features the song 'Operation Snatchback' (a modernization of The Coup's 1994 track 'Takin' These'), a condemnation of the American 'melting pot.' The remix was made during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Considering the disparity of the human condition, based on race and class, it's obvious that for as far as we have come, a great distance remains. It should be obvious as well, if not from looking back a decade, but looking back a hundred years, that 'protest songs' don't change the world. A good song can inspire, incite, give you a moment's reflection, but it won't change much. With that in mind, we'd suggest you not make this record into something. Instead, do something, and use this record as a soundtrack to that action. 'Ask not what you can do for your country, but what in the fuck has it done for you.' Refer To This As Operation Snatchback, - Bambouche of The Vanguard Squad'