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Fredfades - Warmth
Vinyl LP




Released: 2nd June 2017 | 16 track jazz rap/hip-hop album

His given name is Frederik Overlie; he was born and raised in Oslo, Norway. He's been collecting vinyl from the age of 14 and collects all kinds of music from jazz, modern soul, boogie, mid 60's psych to late-eighties electronic dance music. He is part of the Mutual Intentions crew, a group of friends inspired by their passion for music and art.

Fred is constantly busy and is one of the most prolific producers around. If he's not producing he's talking to record stores and distributors trying to cut deals, and is constantly evolving as an artist.

From Fred's studio at the edge of the Oslo Botanical Gardens, to your city busride or bedroom, Warmth is sure to be felt all around upon its release inJune 2017.