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Boora - The Art of 10 Seconds
Vinyl LP


The Art of 10 Seconds


Released: 25th August 2017 | 14 track instrumental (east coast) album

Boora signed to the UK label, KingUnderground in 2015 and released his debut, Soundogolism. He followed this up with Soviet Aesthetics Vol. 1 with Mr Robberhood of Kovsh.

His birth name is Oleynik Alexander and is originally from the city of Tilsit, now called Sovetsk, Kaliningrad, Russia. He's a member of the DOPE90 crew and a beat-maker that uses, vinyl, turntables, a Roland JP-8000, EMU SP1200 and Akai MPC 3000. He's inspired by Soviet jazz samples and rare Russian sounds.

In 2016, he took part in a project for Adidas Originals &ННХwith fellow producers Kovsh, Boora and Maxi Scratch, where they go out onto the streets to play their music and share their views on hip-hop and their sources of inspiration. Recently Boora took part in a lecture and beat maker tutorial with legendary Marley Marl for the Red Bull BC One Camp.

The Art of 10 Seconds - originally was released by Blunted Astronaut Records in 2013. It was then a 3 part beat compilation. After a few changes to the project it's now available on vinyl LP with additional tracks. The album takes you on a musical journey through 60s and the 70s Soviet jazz samples, obscure movie dialogues, as well as rare sounds from the Russian label Melodiya.

Made solely on the legendary sampler E-MU SP 1200 which only allows you only 10 seconds of sampling time, The Art of 10 seconds offers a rare, raw sound, reminiscent of something that could be released by Stones Throw Records (think Quasimoto or Madlib), yet based on 70s jazz straight from the Soviet Union itself.