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Unforscene - Pacific Heights
CD Album
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2 x Vinyl LP
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Pacific Heights


Released: 12th November 2001 | 12 track electropop album
Follwing the release of a couple of well received ep's , Kudos Records proudly presents Unforscene's much anticipated first full length release, Pacific Heights. Whereas much of the nu jazz scene seems to have locked on to a formula, Unforscene (Will & Ben Bower), have spent time honing their sound and fusing many musical forms to create melodies which subtly examine the human condition. Jittering latin, cinematic Schifrin , jazz inflections, a dash of acid with a side order of heart on sleeve. The whole is more than a sum of the parts and signals the arrival of genuine talent. With the recent crossing over of acts like Zero 7 and the success of the Memphis label, Unforscene are due their place on the podium. Earlier this year they providing the key track, to 'Another Late Night with Fila Brazillia', and a well receive remix for EPB quickly followed. Both Eps (The Sulstan Connection and Remote Viewing) have been unanimously well received.'
"Recommended: 'Houston We Have A Problem' It's a solid, little electrojazz funk workout that's low on the noodle factor while high on the rump ripple-o-meter."
Steve from Fila Brazillia, Mixmag
"...beneath this veneer, there lurk many surprises, not least a willingness to stick to the groove and wrestle it to the floor along after harder-eyed opportunists might have introduced a chorus sung of beauty, photogenic chanteuse. The widespread expanse of The Pilgrim, the beguilingly becalmed Minus, the Once in a Lifetime-like shuffle of the Arc all point to a duo with an ear to the past but a steady eye on the future; backward-leaning, as it were, but still proceeding. Good Stuff."
DC, The Sunday Time Culture
"...stuffed with references to lalo schifrin et al with a similar smokey vibe to Thievery Corp and K&D but with a distinct UK twist"
Mike Harris, 7 Magazine
"...Unforscene have certainly mastered widescreen panoramics???., essential for the paranoid."
Paul Clarke, Jockey Slut
"Shot through with the same swaying, stardust-strewn sound (think Zero 7 meets Cinematic Orchestra) that has already gained them a loyal following, 'Pacific Heights' has a mind-boggling, lush, laidback quality to it. Building intricately intertwined sounds (including live instruments and post-modern 'conscious' dialogue snippets) into gently bubbling cinematics, Unforscene have created nothing less than an enigmatic minor classic. Go get. 4/5."
Paul Sullivan, DJ
"Will & Ben Bower are a sure-footed filial pairing. Peering out from the coffing marked 'nu jazz for wine bars', they've taken all the familiar ingredients - film scores, beats, a dash of latin - and worked them into a debut whick owes much to the as much to the chill out scene as it does screechy saxaphone music. It'll still get played in wine bars, mind, but this boasts enough ideas - and occasional sprints of funk to break out of the background."
Andrew Holmes, Muzik