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You Are Good (feat. George)

Kids Wave

Released: 1st January 2016 | 1 track nu-disco single

She's a producer who make 'Pop Music' remixes and also her own tracks (Original Track Darling Take It Slow & 1st Debut Single 'You Are Good'). She likes to use Disco,Funky,House's instrumental sessions on her musics, With this, she remix with her own special sounds. These vintage sounds is a signature on her 'Pop Music' remixes, Plus, Original tracks of L-Like. Originally, she majored in Jazz. With this advantage, she can reorganize typical 'Pop Music' into her own vintage & electronic jazz sounds.

She's current remix track is 'Superstition-Stevie Wonder', 'Drop It Like It's Hot-Snoop Dogg', 'Maroon 5-Sugar'. There's party brand 'Pute Deluxe' that launched by Julian Quintart who is a DJ and also famous entertainer, With the 'Pute Deluxe' L-Like also release unofficial original track 'Darling Take It Slow'. This track included in Pute Deluxe's compilation album, With this track, She drawed massive attention from people.

And now, With massive expectation, L-Like released 1st debut single album 'You Are Good'. At the very first, This track was a just 'Jam' with her singer-songwriter friend George. But, When they give more effort to this track, 'You Are Good' was not a just 'Jam', Suddenly, This track come up more seriously to each other. So, They design the track with George's Vocal Lines (Featuring) and L-Like's own Jazz Sound. And finally, This was a big shot, Was a shot for L-Like's 1st debut album.

After release debut single album, She's now prepare for a DJ & Live Set Performer. L-Like is a 'Rising Star' and she's potential is non-measurable. This is a reason for why people should pay attention to her's next steps.