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Clueless - Santa Cruz E.P


Santa Cruz E.P

L2S Recordings

Released: 15th February 2010 | 3 track 2-step ep
Clueless's second EP for L2S is yet another lesson in crisp shuffle and huge emotive melodies and basslines. All 3 tracks have had airplay on SUB.FM and are crowd favourites with the deep and soulful future garage krew. First is title track Santa Cruz, a vocal tinged deep future garage roller with a hugely emotive bassline. Next up is Everybody Want Some, a percussion led running man rave riddim. Insistent drums and percussive hits drive the track while organ stabs and rich layered bass keep the ravers jumping, with loads of support from radio and in clubs from the lucky few who got promos. Finally is Soft Touch rounding the ep off with jazzy flourishes and subtle atmospheric synths over pulsing organs and trademark Clueless beats.