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T-Polar - Theme From Roxy


Theme From Roxy

L2S Recordings

Released: 10th May 2010 | 2 track 2-step single
L2S come up trumps with another established artist turning all Future Garage. T-Polar has been releasing tracks since 2002 and has had numerous releases on various labels in various genres. For L2S he has taken to the Future Garage format like a duck to water! Theme From Roxy is a non stop evolution of sound and 2 step rhythms from start to finish, dropping huge bass that is constantly changing and mutating into huge aural experiences the likes of which have never been hear in garage before, truly Future. Next up is Jupiter yet another track that is immensely hard to pin down, huge bass, swung out stepping beats, glitchyness and constant progression throughout make this a release like no other!