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Price - Slime EP


Slime EP

L2S Recordings

Released: 27th September 2010 | 4 track garage ep
Price joins L2S! Already well known for his releases on DPR, Price has delivered an E.P for all the darkside Future Garage krew! With huge support from Whistla and Submerse, and a host of remixes already planned, this E.P is sure to be a benchmark release for all darkside FG heads to measure themselves against!. First up is the warehouse/rave vibes of Romper Stomper, with its huge breakdown and rolling riddim. Next is Touched with sinister bass and complex drum patterns, this one has been making FG fans go crazy when it drops. With I Don't Worry (Dark Dub) Price goes even darker, with beats to keep all post-dubstep heads happy, and a bassline to make your nostrils vibrate! Finally is Contempt For All Humankind a very complex track, perfect for those people looking for something more challenging to go in there sets!