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Whistla - Etymology Of Maureen E.P


Etymology Of Maureen E.P

L2S Recordings

Released: 18th October 2010 | 4 track 2-step ep
Whistla's latest E.P Etymology of Maureen E.P is a voyage back to the very beginnings of the Future Garage movement. With interest in Future Garage growing at a rapid rate we thought it was time to show how the scene got started by releasing a selection of Whistla tracks that were at the very heart of the birth of Future Garage. The ep starts off with Rain Hits The Sun (written in 2007) and originally signed to Ringo Records (but the release never came to fruition) this track shows the beginnings of the vocal chopping and massive bass that we have come to expect from Whistla productions. 2nd is Larry the first of two normal name tracks this was a huge anthem in 2007 for forward thinking garage heads, originally scheduled for a release on Clandestine Cultivations, this is a 2steppy bass and melody to make ukg hearts melt. 3rd is the psychedelic garage anthem Bob (originally written in 2007), constantly gaining fans this track was the birthplace of the psychedelic garage scene, with mad switches and chops this will blow your mind. Fourth and finally (and the oldest track on the ep being written in 2006) is Retrace a track first aired at the legendary Redstar Nightclub in Camberwell, big bass and organs mixed with smooth 2step grooves, deep yet still perfect for the dancefloor.