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Scott Garcia - Phuture Cutz E.P

Scott Garcia

Phuture Cutz E.P

L2S Recordings

Released: 11th April 2011 | 5 track 2-step ep
The legend Scott Garcia (famous for his UKG anthem It's A London Thing) joins L2S with a selection of tracks that will have the crowd jumping for rewinds! First up is a collaboration with vocalist Jay Harvey U Could Be. Harvey's catchy vocals are juxtaposed against a rolling grimey future garage beat with classic brass sounds and deep down low bass - a serious crossover track that will appeal to old heads as well as new! Next is F.U.T.U.R.E G.A.R.A.G.E already an underground smasher and sure to become an outright classic. This crowd favorite is straight up Future Garage, with a robot voice spelling it out plainly, rolling bass and a beat to make the dance floor pump! 3rd is Want 2 Be, perhaps the most experimental of them all, this track is truly out there and one to make the reach of this release seem endless! A catchy vocal that is somehow ethereal yet forceful, bass to make the floor shake and beats crisper than a packet of Walkers! Finally are 2 dub mixes of the vocal tracks (for the djs who like it dubbed) Want 2 Be Cutztramental Mix and U Could Be Instrumental Mix. It's a Future Thing!