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Whistla - Darlings Of The Tripstream


Darlings Of The Tripstream

L2S Recordings

Released: 25th April 2011 | 2 track 2-step single
After the success of his last release for L2S Pillowtalk (taking the number 1 slot in the Juno Download Garage Charts and making the Top 10s of numerous others) comes his next single Darlings Of The Tripstream.

The title track is already a huge crowd favourite with people going wild at London's Future Garage Night, Swivel, when it was dropped. With support from artists like Submerse this track is a must have, with the most psychedelic vocals and pads your likely to hear, and a bassline to make you melt. Alongside this we have Take Me On, a richly textured track with vocals that simply defy comprehension, yet are somehow catchy! A tuff Future Garage beat and floor shaking bass like only Whistla can deliver with support from all the garage alumni such as Artful Mark, of Artful Dodger fame!