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Troy Gunner - No More Tears EP

Troy Gunner

No More Tears EP

L2S Recordings

Released: 9th May 2011 | 4 track garage ep
Troy Gunner joins L2S, a producer already gaining a huge following in the blogosphere and on soundcloud. The young producer's skill is epitomised by his highly publicised remix of Deep Focus’s anthem “Heavy Metal†that has reached over a quarter of a million views on Youtube! This, his first, ep is a deep voyage into previously uncharted Garage realms, with deep rolling subbass, wilding pitched vocals that totally redefine how to creatively sample, and silky smooth Future Garage beats. But what sets Troy Gunner apart are his use of synths and moody, almost melancholy melodies that tug at your heart strings whilst also whipping you into a dance frenzy due to there hypnotic nature. Truly an E.P to add to your arsenal.