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Pledge - Unknown EP


Unknown EP

L2S Recordings

Released: 4th July 2011 | 4 track 2-step ep
L2S welcome another new signing! London based producer Pledge has a unique sound incorporating epic soundscapes and huge synths juxtaposed against clinically crisp Future Garage beats. First up is Unknown, receiving lots of dj support from the top flight of the Future Garage scene, this track has synths like you've never heard before! Truly an epic start to the ep! Next is Close To U, still keeping the epic vibe, but this time slightly more subdued and melancholy with clipped vocals and lush sub bass. Following the 2 Pledge originals we are treated to 2 awesome remixes! First is Dutch producer MileZ reworking of Unknown which is an upbeat bouncy take on the epic original that will get dancefloors moving right from the drop. The ep finishes with a remix by Clueless of Close To U, utilizing his unique production skills he has completely re-invented the original with his trademark beats and swung out grooves.