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Shagos - Set Me  Free (feat. Jay Dizzle)


Set Me Free (feat. Jay Dizzle)

L2S Recordings

Released: 20th May 2013 | 3 track garage ep

Producing since 2002, London based Shagos has put out a lot of tracks over the years, and teaming with Jay Dizzle on his first for L2S delivers what is sure to be a summer smash hit!
Set Me Free has already been getting heavy plays across Flex and Sub FM, with djs clammouring for a copy and ravers requesting DJs play it on radio and in clubs. The original showcases Jay's vocals to the full, with swinging bumpy beats that sit halfway between 2 step and 4 to the floor, and a melody that will stay with you all day long. The Dub Mix takes things on a strictly 2 step vibe, with deep down sub bass to please all Bass fiends and rolling snappy beats to get the floor pumping. The From The Hood mix showcases Shagos more experimental side with a sick Future Garage beat that accompanys the amazing vocals that suddenly switches into a rough tear out breakbeat! Each track can stand alone making this release all the more impressive.