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Clueless - Secret Love (The Remixes)


Secret Love (The Remixes)

L2S Recordings

Released: 7th April 2014 | 7 track garage ep

Back in 2009 you would rarely hear mention of Garage, it was kind of a dirty word in the dance scene, but along with L2S, (the now defunct label) Night Audio wanted to change that and for there first release has come to be considered a classic. Clueless - Secret Love is a track all modern garage fans simply must own, and after 5 years L2S are delighted to announce the release of Clueless - Secret Love (The Remixes). Featuring re-imaginings of this anthem from Neue Grafix, Usurp, Mr Beeb, Whistla, Ghostchant, Lojt and Pledge this is a release you simply can't overlook!