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Mokujin - Dare EP


Dare EP

L2S Recordings

Released: 21st August 2015 | 3 track garage ep

Mokujin returns to L2S with arguably his best release to date! Taking his unique dark sound and going deeper than previous excursions the Dare EP shows how he has developed his sound to perfection. Title track Dare is a deep yet heavy slice of forward thinking garage, whilst still retaining nods to the past in his use of sounds and samples, Mokujin weaves a totally unique soudscape you simply can not hear in anyone elses productions. A Lickle Sumtin follows with what is sure to be a DJ and crowd favourite with excellent use of the lead vocal sample to build and build the track till it reaches its gospel song climax. Dare (Techno Garage Version) rounds off the EP with Mokujin's entry into the fast growing offshoot sound of Tech-Garage (spearheaded by artists like Whistla) that is filtering more and more into true underground garage DJ sets, lush pads, tough beats and deeper than deep soundscaping. If you like forward thinking music this EP is for you!