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Mokujin & Tommie Cotton - Phantom Sound System

Mokujin & Tommie Cotton

Phantom Sound System

L2S Recordings

Released: 19th February 2016 | 6 track garage album

Hot on the heels of his Dare EP, Berlin's Mokujin returns this time bringing the vocal talents of Tommie Cotton for a 6 track mini album! Evolving his Techno influeneced Garage sound even further and combining it with the dancefloor focussed vocals of Tommie have made a selection fo tracks that will suit both the forward thinking Garage DJ and the soulful Techno selector. Opening track The Underground sets the tone for the album explaining that this is for the dancers, the underground people, those who want a DJ to take you down as well as up!. Steppin steps up the vibe before leading into title track Phantom Sound System which enquires of us all if we can feel the bass like a phantom? On ESP Tommie's vocals have an even more Bluesy ring to them than on other tracks fused with the bumpy bass rolling throughout this is a serious late night roller. To finish are two darker solo tracks from Mokujin that hark back to his days living in London, Seven Sisters Road is a atmospheric 2 Step roller while North London is a bassline smasher!