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Los Albertos - Los Bop

Los Albertos

Los Bop

Chief Recordings

Released: 26th November 2012 | 11 track ska revival album

The very first album from dance-ska protagonists Los Albertos, released back in 2004. Contains enduring classics such as Beer Panic, Cheeky Rascal and Stompin' At The Savoy, as well as their brilliant version of jazz swing standard Sweet Georgia Brown. Featuring original bassist Nic Tribe and trumpet/melodic/sousaphone player Tom Livingstone, along with Mark Crawford (guitar), Martin Andrews (drums) and Tim herman (sax) Los Bop was made in the early days of the band's existence; there's a bit more of a jazz swing fell here along with their usual ska and funk grooves. The defining trait of the band, their humour, is here to the fore - Mr. Chip, Pikey Killed My Gldfish, Bossman et al. Crazy tunes from some seriously crazy guys.