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Raimo & Tomas Rubeck - Lampuka 001

Raimo & Tomas Rubeck

Lampuka 001

Lampuka Records

Released: 28th May 2012 | 5 track deep house ep

Lampuka Recordsis a new underground electronic music label dedicated to releasing quality music on limited vinyl pressings & digital. The ethos for Lampuka according to boss Raimo? Thought provoking and mood evoking. I want people to remember when they first encountered a Lampuka.

The label's inaugural release features original tracks from head honcho Raimo and up and coming producer Tomas Rubeck, who has a growing number of releases under his belt. Lovingly hand stamped and limited to 375 physical copies, this release also features a spellbinding remix from Edinburgh's finest deep house confectioner Gavin Sutherland aka Fudge Fingas - known for his sublime work on Prime Numbers and the uber collectible Firecracker imprint.

Raimo's title track 'Chicago to New York' kicks off proceedings and is definitely one to be felt in the knees. With a super low kick and chuggy beat, it perfectly combines a swinging shuffle with disorientating synth lines, swirly pads and disembodied vocal samples. Perfect warm-up and cool-down material.

Fudge Fingas' remix follows suit; probably best to let him do the talking! Figured I'd capture the magic of the moment ...this is recorded live with improvisations using my MPC, Microkorg and TR-707. More of a re-imagining than a remix then and it definitely shows. This is a bona fide deep house bomb with those timeless chord stabs and 'future classic' written all over it. I've tried to distill every house record I've ever really loved from both Chicago and New York into one track...

On the flip we get introduced to Tomas Rubeck. Dub techno connoisseurs take note! It takes a serious producer to pull off a track like this. Clocking in at an astonishingly low 112bpm, Mono Conspiracy effortlessly combines depth, complexity and atmospheric brilliance into one epic journey.

Rounding off the EP in style, Raimo takes his cues from opener 'Chicago to New York' and channels them through Rubeck's hazy atmosphere to produce a remix that's both industrially motoric and deeper than Mariana Trench. In one word? Blissful!

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"Thank You - Support for Mono Conspiracy (Original) 8/10"
Paco Osuna, Plus 8/ Minus
"Great Track! Chi 2 NY (Original)"
Marco Carola, Plus 8/ Minus
"Will try this out! Thankx - Chi 2 NY (Original)"
Slam, Soma/ Paragraph
"Raimo original for me. Great!"
Varoslav, Supplement Facts
"The Fudge mix edges it for me - a nice warm sound. I also like the dubby Chi 2 NY original"
Giles Smith, Secret Sundaze
"Cool release!! Support Mono Conspiracy (Original)"
D.Diggler, Cocoon
"Really different, I really like, especially Fudge rmx. Great work!! 8/10"
Re Dupre, Miami Underground