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Garben Eden - LAMPUKA003 (feat. Garben Eden & Tusk)

Garben Eden

LAMPUKA003 (feat. Garben Eden & Tusk)

Lampuka Records

Released: 16th September 2013 | 4 track deep house ep

Garben Eden describes himself as a 'dancefloor inspired electronic musician'. No surprise then that his debut on LAMPUKA explores this environment but on both the lighter and darker side of the 4:4 camp. Tracks are brimming with what are often experimental sounds, yet solid grooves and production techniques.

The A1 track 'Romantic Archive' treats the listener to a bouncy keyed riff, memorable chords and delicately placed vocal snippets. Chugging things down on the remix is 'Tusk' (Wax) who gives the track a cosmic element and down tempo groove, making subtle gaps in the journey to tip his cap towards the original track.

'Komm' on the B side is a chord and strings affair infused with a playful baroque style analog bass line. 'Night Poser' drags us into the wee hours whether we liked it or not with trippy tremolos and triplets - further testament to the Garben Eden portfolio. Enjoy.