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ASAN - LAMP004 (Bonus Track Version)


LAMP004 (Bonus Track Version)

Lampuka Records

Released: 8th December 2014 | 5 track techno ep

Asan is an analog junky and when not dancing in circles with druids he can be found locked in darkened rooms with daisy chained analog circuits looping the mother of all loops in what sometimes seem like never ending sessions.

The LAMP004 EP is a culmination of such sessions which have taken him to Berlin, Amsterdam and back to London over the space of a year with his drum machine and MPC in tow. His unique analog noodlings are something to behold.

'Code Orange' Digital Bonus Recording

Especially for the digital release, Code Orange is a live and dark recording from Asan's trip to Amsterdam.

'Call Girl Machine' 1

An upbeat ditty with more synth lines and stabs than you can shake a light sabre at. Featuring a vocal monologue about an artist who treats his hardware like his women. How apt...

'Search for quiet' 2

Don't let the lovely harmonies fool you - this beat is hard and infectious. Hats drift in and out of time and around in the atmosphere. It's beautiful and angry at the same time.

'Onto Something' 3

Sounding like a train hurtling out of detroit and stomping all over everything, this is something of a minor chord phenomenon. Huge claps and snares chug you into the distance.

'Ferrari Red Rasta' 4

Left until last for those that dare to tread this far. If you were not near the edge before, you are now. Not for the faint hearted.