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Landslide - Dreams and Visions


Dreams and Visions

Landmass Recordings

Released: 27th October 2008 | 5 track dubstep single
Landmass Recordings is a new label for the output of well established UK producer Landslide. With albums released on Hospital Records & Om Records Landslide has managed to genre bend his way through a variety of styles creating original and non conformist dance music Dreams & Visions is a visionary piece of dubstep soul that has been creating massive impact in the dubstep scene worldwide. It has just been released on vinyl through Blackacre records and already sold out. This awesome digital package on Landmass recordings will pave the way for future Landslide singles and the forthcoming Landslide album due Feb 2009. The original mix kicks off with a hypnotic minimalist piano phrase before MOBO Award winning vocalist J'nay drops the title lyrics. As with all dubstep it has the essential drop but here it flips the script with an immaculate switch into a deep lush soulful groove. The Instrumental version follows the same script as the vocal version but this is a real instrumental and not just a version without the vocal. Compound One Remix gets straight down to business with this wicked 4x4 dubstep mix. Using just enough of the original they deliver a naughty electro garage flavored stomper which has been destroying the dancefloor at dubstep raves. Digital release only mixes (BEATPORT EXCLUSIVE) The VIP version takes the minimalist pianos into a techno flavored workout whilst a bending bass line drives it along – dancefloor friendly it fits right in with the 2562 /Martyn school of dubstep. Visions & Dreams uses a similar sound palette to Dreams & Visions but it rolls out very new sections. Lush jazz filled soundscapes make way for a perfectly EQ'd dub bass as it explores landslide trademark keys n riffs.. Radio Support: Gilles Peterson played on BBC Radio 1 Mary Anne Hobbs BBC Radio 1 Domu's show on BBC 1 XTRA Benji B on BBC 1 XTRA DJ Support Martyn TRG 2562 Joe Nice Scuba Geiom Zed Bias Reviews IDJ – 5/5