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El Kid - Hypnosis EP
12" Vinyl
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El Kid

Hypnosis EP

Left Blank

Released: 28th November 2011 | 4 track house ep
LB003 arrives courtesy of Bristol born, Brighton based producer Sam Kidel, aka El Kid. Following up his well received debut on Immerse Sam drops 3 tracks of wildly varied bass music. Beginning with the title track 'Hypnosis'; lush ambient pads and plucked guitar soon give way to fearsome bass swells and metronomic percussion, coming across like early Autechre remixed by Floating Points. Second track 'Mud' drops the pace for a noisy house workout, reminiscent of fellow Bristolians Kowton, and labelmate Vessel. Kachinja on the flip is the straightest - and darkest - of the lot, a lurching warehouse techno cut that wouldn't sound out of place on Ostgut Ton. Finally Hyperdub wunderkid Walton contributes a rough & ready funky dub of 'Hypnosis' to round out the EP.