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Myown - Vesna
10" Vinyl
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Left Blank

Released: 19th March 2012 | 3 track leftfield/idm ep
Not much is known about Myown - the artist behind LB004 - other than that he's 23 and he's from Russia, with his only previous release arriving courtesy of fellow Russian Anton Zap's Ethereal Sound imprint last year. Upon hearing his schizophrenic (slightly disturbing) music we decided it was probably best not to ask too many questions. 'Suromna' opens the EP with jackhammer beats and pitch black atmospherics; as it progresses elements fight to be heard, swiftly building to a crescendo before smashing into pieces and leaving you to wonder exactly what just happened. 'Vesna' continues the theme, slowing the pace slightly to what could (almost) be considered 2-step, were it not for the cacophony of vocal fragments, piercing hats, and trad folk instrumentation vying for attention over the top. Flipside 'You Can Stop Everytime' provides the calm after the storm, it's heavenly melody squashed and squeezed to excess over a bumping 4/4 for 216 seconds of sheer bliss. It's a soothing comedown after the preceding intensity, proving Myown to be an undeniable - yet restless - talent.