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Little Beat Different

Released: 13th October 2017 | 4 track nu-disco ep

Little Beat Different Issues is a new series focused on reissuing music from Eastern European region previously unavailable on Western markets.

Our first release was a compilation by project ORM, the moniker of Czech producer team Petr and Pavel ORM, originally formed as a disco group in the late 1970s and the pioneers of electronic dance music in former Czechoslovakia.
It only makes perfect sense for old school to meet new school and for ORM to have their original tracks reimagined by our selection of current producers. Here's the 4 tasty edits that will see the light of the day soon on the slab of wax.

First up, the master of the genre, the disco don Ashley Beedle under his Africanz on Marz moniker serves up a fine edit of the compilation's opening track Tropic.
His dj friendly extended edit is pretty much everything we could have wished for and will no doubt please everyone, whether they are familiar with the original version or not.

Up next we've got Little Beat Different's very own Regular Customer, (who has just finished his own EP for our label, coming out later this year) with his super-trippy take on Indicke Meditace, that well may make your head spin in a good way.

B-side starts with another favourite ORM track of ours, Muj Sampion, remixed by none other than Jonny Rock, the edit specialist and dj extraordinaire. This one will be a surefire dancefloor favourite in many discotheques around the world!

Last but not least, we have Tasun's reinterpretation of Indicke Meditace. His Faded Lady edit created quite a stir on the edit scene a few years ago and we are hoping this one will do so as well. He literally spent months tweaking it and it can certainly be heard. Hot tip!

"“Really appreciate these. Keep up the good work.”"
Samo DJ
"An excellent bunch of edits from Ashley Beedle, Jonny Rock and others of the mighty Czech production duo ORM, who where pioneers of electronic dance music & disco in Czechoslovakia in the late 70's early 80's. 'Tropic' has been a firm favourite here at Bongo HQ for some time now."
Mr Bongo
"Ace edits!!"
George Mihaly (Quality Music Lovers Society)
"Awesome edits!"
Mushroom Project (Leng Records)
Archeo Recordings
"I want vinyl!"
Eli (Soul Clap)
"Played Ashley Beedle's edit in my Boiler Room set!"
Miro Sundaymusiq