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Duck Baker - Amnesia in Trastevere
CD Album
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Duck Baker

Amnesia in Trastevere

Les Cousins

Released: 20th February 2012 | 10 track crossover jazz album
Duck Baker is one of the most highly regarded fingerstyle guitarists of his generation. He is unique among jazz guitarists in that his repertoire spans the entire history of the music from ragtime through swing to modern masters. His aim over the years has been to adapt the technique of American finger-picking as developed by Blues and Country players to Jazz material. In a small group situation this approach creates some amusing possibilities, as both bass line and melody can either be doubled or harmonised. This record showcases Duck Baker working collaboratively with Alex Ward on clarinet and Joe Williamson on double bass. It is a follow up record to the critically acclaimed Waltz Lesson from 2009. Amnesia in Trastevere refers to a section of Rome in which Duck hung out in the late 80's with the great beat poet Gregory Corso. Its title is lifted from his poem Amnesia in Memphis and was inspired in part by something Gregory said in a rare moment of confidence: You know man, what it's really about is, you want to live your life in a way that you don't always wake up with all these terrible memories!