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Mr. Confuse - Boogie Down EP
12" Vinyl
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Mr. Confuse

Boogie Down EP


Released: 18th March 2013 | 5 track beats & breaks ep

Dr Rubberfunk (Jalapeno Records), The Uptown Felaz (Shiftin' Gears Records), Funkanomics (Big M Productions), Funkmaster Ozone (Da Source Records) and Afternoons In Stereo (Timewarp Music) come up with the remixes for the Boogie Down EP, the second 12inch vinyl of Mr. Confuse's digital download album Do You Realize - The Remixes.

Both the Man Made EP as well as the Boogie Down EP focus on the corresponding Man Parrish cover versions and feature the most significant remixes of the digital release on two vinyl editions.

Do You Realize - The Remixes will be released on April 5, 2013 and hosts a stunning line-up of international remixers who each had their personal take on one of the tracks from the album. The result is a diverse bag full of dance floor goodies, ranging from Electro Funk to Ghetto Funk, from Electronic Bossa to Funky Breaks and Jazzy Breakbeat.