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The Unbelievable Two - The Unbelievable Two
Vinyl LP
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The Unbelievable Two

The Unbelievable Two


Released: 28th July 2014 | 7 track disco album

The Unbelievable Two

Is it Jazz-Funk ? Is it Boogie ? Or is it even Disco? With The Unbelievable Two you are in there everywhere. With their hearts in the late Seventies and early Eighties these two well crafted musicians know how to work a solid groove.

We were thinking, what would have happened if Roy Ayers met Stevie Wonder in a studio with Nile Rodgers and listened to a Steely Dan album? Of course there is a smile on Mzuzu's and Mucka's face when they tell this story, but The Unbelievable Two masterminds, composers, producers, arrangers and musicians from Hamburg/Germany have been on the scene long enough to think a step further. In the end, it's all about the funk and the soul. And the funk and the soul is about the feeling you got in that moment., when you are playing live! That's why each song is a fresh composition and directly recorded in just one day. We were really after the small variations and moods, you develop while playing a song to shine through the arrangements.

The Unbelievable Two recorded their eponymous debut album throughout of 2012 with a vinyl sound and the immediacy of the classic disco recordings in mind. The collection consists of nine solid tracks succeeding in every environment. Of course you can treat Come On And Dance and Cool Breeze as sure shot club winners, or listen to Funkin' For Eternity and Summer Ride as two fantastically grooving jams, but then you only get half of the picture. The Unbelievable Two as an instrumental album is about finding your own groove, space and freedom in expression.

Back Together Again and Jungle Boogie may have you guessing if you are a trainspotter in the world of classic funk and disco, but of course this is another couple of irresistable Unbelievable Two originals, break it down to the respectful homage to local Hamburg neighbourhood clubbing Good Old Days and you have a modern day analogue boogie monster with a message.

The Unbelievable Two appears as a limited edition LP vinyl and unlimited digital download.

"„Really feeling the authentic disco vibes, especially"
Benny Badge, (Nite Class/Freekwency, Australia)
"Boogie-disco dynamite! Press play and get your dancing shoes ready for these non-stop grooves!"
Jada Parolini, WillWork4Funk, Radio Populare, Italy
"If you are a yacht owner and want to party suavely, put on this record!"
Björn Wagner, Mocambo Records, Germany
"„This is killer shit!“"
DJ Debo, Funkfreakz, OC
"„Cool Breeze & Funkin for Eternity sind meine favs alles super funky macht lust auf backyard bbq´s und cabriolet fahren.“"
Rob Hardt, Cool Million, SED Soul, Germany
"„The Unbelievable Two bring you 70s Summer Soul feeling with a modern edge.“"
Gu, Our Label Records
"Diese Platte bringt mich direkt an den Strand. Und zwar im Cabrio! Dicke Bässe, schön klatschende Drums, abgehangen und lässig wie zu den besten Zeiten von Kool & The Gang! Los, tanzen..."
Lucas Kochbeck, Diazpora