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Hot Border Special - Hot Border Special
Vinyl LP

Hot Border Special

Hot Border Special


Released: 27th October 2014 | 10 track africa album

Take a blisteringly energetic and danceable trip with London's Hot Border Special and their eponymously titled debut long player - There really isn't anything quite like it!

With Influences ranging from afrobeat to rock, highlife to funk, and even a hint towards samba, listening serves to affirm this LP's effortlessness, it's an uplifting and joyous audio mystery tour - marvellous surprises seem to be hiding around every corner.

The musicianship is tight - raw, rootsy and percussion heavy rhythms underpin lush interwoven guitar melodies - and it's seriously rich, so rich in fact that you don't even notice the absence of a vocalist!

This ten track affair takes you on an exhilarating ride of light and shade - up tempo bangers like El Frantico and Hot Border Express get the bodies moving, while the more dark and sinister tracks like Mulartoo Deetoo and 'Wei Wu Wei' transport your soul to an iboga style trance.

Hot Border Special feature musicians from The Noisettes, Quantic, Heliocentrics, JetTricks and more. Their live performances are an exhilarating experience which, if you appreciate and love live music, you just can't afford to miss, with dancefloors in and around London dancing and jumping all night to the freshest sound around!

"Strong album with influences from all around the globe, transforming a great psych sound into modern anthems."
Renegades Of Jazz, Agogo Records
"Hot Border Special serves up a spicy plate of red hot chilly peppers with no flea collars required!! Salsa Picante"
Shawn Lee, Ubiquity / Ping Pong Orchestra
"These guys are scorching! Both live and recorded HBS deliver tropical treats like no other act around. Proper deepness!"
Dom Servini, Wah Wah 45s
"These guys know what they're doing and they're doing it good"
Virgil Howe, Killer Meters / Little Barrie
"Joyful, deep afro funk and high life vibes from a band clearly enjoying every second of making this music"
Mr. Bird, BBE
"Really enjoying this album. A clever and effective fusion of authentic rhythms and percussion with some quite seriously beautiful psychedelic guitar shapes. Mulartoo Deetoo (although a shocking pun) is everything i loved about Thievery Corporation at their best, and Shockheaded Sweetheart sounds like the best summer you could have distilled into 4 minutes of refreshing herbal tonic."
Ed Meme, Breakin' Bread
"The borders aren't just hot, they melted all the genres around them into this incredible album! Loving Monty's Jaw & Hot Border Express."
Diesler, Tru Thoughts
"Super heavy funk weirdness from the boys - you need this"
Malcolm Catto, The Heliocentrics / Strut
"Psycho-Funk Bang!"
Jasper The Vinyl Junkie, Kane FM