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Angelo Tinsley - Get Down With Me
7" Vinyl
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Angelo Tinsley

Get Down With Me


Released: 11th November 2013 | 1 track electro-funk single

Get Down With Me by Angelo Tinsley is the fourth release in the series of boogie and modern soul vinyl re-issues on Légère Recordings.

Standing out as a unique piece of groovy disco funk Get Down With Me Angelo Tinsley, originally from Cleveland/ Ohio is still proud of his work today: I learned the keyboard by being passionate about a variety of sounds and wanting to play dance music. I also learned to record by trial and error. The hourly studio fee was paid out of my own pocket, listened to what I came up with, and the result got better over time. When I worked on Get Down With Me there were no other individuals associated with the recording. I used a Casio toy drum machine and a Roland SH-101 synthesizer that my dad bought. He gave me 300 Dollars in one Dollar bills he earned from his street hustling numbers racket and I bought the synthesizer from a childhood friend I knew from piano school. The entire song was finished in two hours, adding some extra keyboards laying around the studio.

Get Down With Me originally appeared on the local Starstream Records from Cleveland/Ohio in 1982 as part of a compilation album called WDMT - Sounds Of Our Streets. The song was more attitude for me than music. I needed to express my 'party right now' attitude ...! Angelo Tinsley adds. And that is exactly the attitude this tune carries to the present day. So let' s get your party started and get down with Angelo Tinsley.