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The Impellers - My Certainty
Vinyl LP
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The Impellers

My Certainty


Released: 16th June 2014 | 10 track funk album

My Certainty kicks off with the forceful and seriously strutting I Don't Care. Last Dance of The Moai is the first single, It was also featured on the debut album Robot Legs, but the band felt there was more in it than they previously got out of it: We started playing it live again recently with a new drummer and bass player and somehow that gave it a whole new life. It went from being a song we never played to being the song we end our live sets with really quickly. The new bass groove really brought it back to life. Oh, and it's kind of a protest song too. The Moai are the big head statues on Easter Island. The song is about us destroying our planet and why that's probably not a good thing to do.

My Certainty, the title track, is a key composition to the album: We wanted the album to be more song-based than our previous albums which were very much funk-driven. This track is really different from anything we've done before. Acoustic guitar, no drums for most of the song - just very different. The song is actually about uncertainty, I think, despite the title. It's about getting on with things, even when they seem futile. There's always a reason to carry on in the end, even when it seems there isn't. It's a positive song! The writing talents of Barry Lalanne are featured on My Tears (Too Good for You). He tells the story behind the song: I really wanted to write a song that captured the essence of the attitude of the great female funk artists of the 60's - Marva Whitney, Lyn Collins, Vicki Anderson, - the whole 'woman scorned' vibe. Also, I wanted to leave the listener guessing as to why Clair's upset. I wanted that ambiguity, I think it adds to the story.

Another Day is going down with a heavy Clav and Fender Rhodes: We wanted it to sound like something you'd hear in an underground music venue in Greenwich Village. The Routine takes influences from Masters At Work's Nu-Yorican Soul, while Something Only Happens To Me explores D'Angelo and Prince territory. With Ray McKay The Impellers go back to their roots: It's a disheveled, messy, chaotic number that's thrown out there by the band at a thousand miles an hour and I think that gives it a certain character. Too much funk written these days is so clean, polished and rehearsed. We wanted something that flies in the face of all that. And that's exactly what The Impellers achieve with My Certainty - deep and raw as well as thoughtful and skilled - future funk indeed!