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David Nesselhauf - Afrokraut
Vinyl LP

David Nesselhauf



Released: 14th October 2016 | 13 track afrobeat album

In 2016 the world seems to be more connected in communication, yet more segregated in culture than ever. It is a time for fresh ideas about re-connecting things. David Nesselhauf, producer, composer and multi instrumentalist from Hamburg/Germany gives it a try. His new album re-visits a time in the Seventies, when innovative bands like Can were working on a rhythmic and experimental fusion of African music and German rock, which was labelled Afrokraut.

Nesselhauf's modern take on Afrokraut goes beyond the standards of contemporary electronic, jazz, pop or club music. As much as the thirteen tracks on the album nod towards the dance floor as their common factor, they also address topics as migration and exclusion and take a strong stand for global togetherness. Just listen to the opening tracks Boat Mama and Outer Banks and you see what Nesselhauf is on about. Recorded and mixed on vintage equipment at Dennis Rux's ultra-cool Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Studios in Hamburg, Afrokraut sounds deep, authentic and visionary at the same time. Renowned Dutch artist Chantal Rens delivered a strong statement for the cover artwork: I am especially excited about Chantal's work for my album, says David Nesselhauf.

With a diverse catalogue of albums ranging from electro to doom to look back on, his works with funk celebrities Diazpora as their bass player and collaborations or production with Pee Wee Ellis, Lew Soloff (Blood, Sweat & Tears), Flo Mega or Faust, running his own little record label as well as his education at the Drummer's Collective in NYC David Nesselhauf is a well established player in the German independent music scene. Afrokraut features a range of musical guests. Amadou Bah is the vocalist on the first single Come Along Bintang Bolong, an irresistible Afrobeat burner, Diazpora drummer Lucas Kochbeck is an integral part on various album highlights, most notably the mysterious A Route Obscure and the intense Dirt Track. Then, of course, we have the sweet and groovy vocals of Kinga Lizz and Nabil Atassi on the funky Open Up!.

This album is something I wanted to release for a long time, explains David Nesselhauf. I was always fascinated by this little forgotten era in the history of German popular music that was labelled 'Afrokraut'. It was full of unique vibes, never fully explored and suddenly it was gone. And to be honest, the message carried through this music is more valid than it ever was.

Afrokraut is released on LP, limited edition CD and digital download on Légère Recordings.

"I raise my fist in the air for him"
Mike Watt (Iggy & The Stooges)
"Smashing... just brilliant... amazing record... I'll purchase it twice on vinyl, that's fort sure"
David Hanke (a.k.a. Renegades Of Jazz)
"I'm a fan"
Jean-Hervé Peron (Faust)